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Spray Rajbari was a prominent royal palace in vaporizer, Bangladesh. It was the residence and seat of Rajshahi Raj family of zamindars. Famous Rani Bhabani lived here and queen after the death of her husband, expanded both the farm and the palace.


Full Name: Natore Rajbari or Natore Palace


Location: Natore, Rajshahi, Bangladesh


Natore Rajbari Bangladesh

Photo of Natore Rajbari Bangladesh


Ramjivan, the real founder of the family of Raj, headquartered in frother and built most of the complex of Rajbari, tanks, temples, gardens and flower gardens. Frother was originally a small settlement in Taraf Kanaikhali in Lashkarpur Pargana.

The current site of the palace complex, covering an area of ​​37.20 acres, was enclosed in two rings of canals, originally known as Chai Bhangar Beel. Mud-choked tanks around the deserted ruins of the seven survivors separate blocks of the palace and mark the trenches. Subsequently, the palace complex strongly developed and distributed bhabani Rani.


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